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Queensland doctors go above and beyond to help patients, but now they are being encouraged to help themselves.

The AMA Queensland Resilience on the Run pilot program, launched on Wednesday 26 August and fully funded by the AMA Queensland Foundation aims to improve awareness of workplace stress and pressures for doctors in training.  It also aims to provide for practical strategies and support to reduce burnout and psychological distress as it seeks to address the findings raised in the recent Beyond Blue report into depression in the medical profession. 

Presented by renowned psychiatrist and resilience expert Dr Ira van der Steenstraten, the program will focus on resilience and mindfulness, managing interpersonal relationships, navigating difficult scenarios on the job and practical steps for asking for help.

It will be measured with validated, widely accepted assessment tools in order to establish if the program has made a significant improvement to the well-being of the participants.  A post-program analysis will then be conducted with submission of the findings to the Medical Journal of Australia.