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Operation Donation – Help us support the next generation of frontline heroes


Operation Donation – Help us support the next generation of frontline heroes

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Each year the AMA Queensland Foundation awards scholarships to medical students who are financially disadvantaged. One of our greatest achievements in our 20 years of operation is providing over $450,000 in financial assistance to 24 medical students studying in Queensland. Our first scholarship holder graduated in 2009.

The AMA Queensland Foundation Medical Student Scholarships have often been the difference between a recipient continuing their studies or being lost to the medical profession.

It is so important for the medical community to come together to not only support the work of the Foundation, but to advocate on behalf of those who need the Foundation’s support.

This year, we are donating the proceeds of ‘Operation Donation’ to medical student scholarships. We are asking you to please help us by making a tax deductible donation to the AMA Queensland Foundation of the fee charged to the patient from your most common operation, procedure or service during our “Operation Donation” appeal. Your support from just that one service will make a huge difference in the lives of financially disadvantaged medical students.

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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