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About AMA Queensland Foundation

AMA Queensland Foundation is a charitable organisation, established in 2000 by the medical profession, as a means of relieving sickness, suffering and disability among Queenslanders in need.

Quite simply, AMA Queensland Foundation is about doctors doing good.

Through the AMA Queensland Foundation, medical colleagues and the business community help deliver vital services outside those catered for by the public health system.

Read of our achievements — how the purchase of vital equipment, a bursary for a medical student or funding of research or health education programs makes real differences in Queenslanders’ lives.



Recommend a Funding Initiative

It’s so important for the medical community to come together to not only support the work of the Foundation, but to advocate on behalf of those who need the Foundation’s support. The Foundation is always searching for Queenslanders to support. We are a Public Benevolent Institution, this means our support must be specifically targeted at people in need and not broader general community programs.

Do you have patients falling through the gaps?

The Foundation can directly fund a patient/s of yours who need/s financial support for a critical medical intervention or an organisation you are involved with that directly provides support to those who need significant assistance.

The Foundation would also like to work with members to develop or continue long-term projects that specifically targets those with significant needs in your community.

The Foundation welcomes your funding applications for patients in need. Please see our website www.amaqfoundation.com.au for criteria and conditions.



We also ask that you please generously support the work of the Foundation as we receive no government funding and rely on gifts, grants, donations, bequests and corporate sponsorships to make the work of the Foundation possible.

There are many ways you can to support the Foundation to make a difference:

  1. Make a tax-deductible donation during our annual tax and Christmas appeals.
  2. Participate in 'Operation Donation' Week where Doctors donate the proceeds from just one performance of your most common operation, procedure or service – again tax deductible.
  3. Participate/attend an AMA Queensland Foundation event.
  4. Become an AMA Queensland Foundation 'regular giver' by pre-authorising monthly, quarterly, or an annual tax deductible donation.
  5. Make the AMA Queensland Foundation your charity of choice when participating in community events such as the Bridge to Brisbane, Gold Coast Marathon Festival or the Cairns Ironman.
  6. Make a bequest in your will to ensure that the Foundation lives on.

All contributions are gratefully received and acknowledged.

If you would like to speak to us about a funding initiative or making a donation, please don’t hesitate to call us on (07) 3872 2222 or email amaqfoundation@amaq.com.au

Find out ways you can support us via a regular contribution, corporate giving, workplace giving or a bequest in your Will.