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Privacy Information Policy


Privacy Information Policy

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Who are we?

AMA Queensland Foundation is a charitable organisation, established in 2000 by the medical profession, as a means of relieving sickness, suffering and disability among Queenslanders in need.

Quite simply, AMA Queensland Foundation is about doctors doing good.

Through the AMA Queensland Foundation, the public, medical colleagues and the business community we help deliver vital services outside those catered for by the public health system.

We are closely aligned to:

  • AMA Queensland;

  • The Australian Medical Association Limited;

  • The Australian Salaried Medical Officers’ Federation of Queensland (ASMOFQ).

We provide personal information to the AMA Queensland, Australian Medical Association Limited and ASMOFQ which is incorporated into their respective databases. These are separate legal entities to us and have their own privacy policies which are in a similar form to this policy.

Our privacy commitment to you

AMA Queensland Foundation is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of the information we collect from members, visitors to our website, people who contact us and from our suppliers and partners in accordance with Commonwealth, State and Territory privacy law. Under these privacy laws, we are required to comply with a set of privacy principles. The core principles are in the Privacy Act 1988. More information about these principles and Australian privacy law can be found on the Australian Information Commissioner’s website www.oaic.gov.au

What personal information do we collect, store and use and how do we collect this?

AMA Queensland Foundation collects personal information from the public, AMA Queensland members, AMA members, potential donors, donors, corporate supporters, journalists, visitors to our website, and from our suppliers.

Much of this information is collected directly from the person concerned, through emails, telephone calls, the AMA Queensland website, apps and mobile devices. We also collect this information from publicly available websites, directories and databases and via Twitter, other social media and the survey tool SurveyMonkey.

In relation to donor details, the information collected will include (where applicable) your business and personal address and telephone/fax number(s), your email address and Foundation areas of interests.

We will need your name and full contact details for all donations, so we can supply you with a tax deductible receipt. All of this information remains confidential and we will only publicly publish donor’s names with their permission. 

For members of the public who contact AMA Queensland Foundation for general information, we will not need your name and will accept a pseudonym if preferred.

Why do we collect this information and what do we use it for?

AMA Queensland Foundation stores and uses this information to provide services to our donors, to provide stewardship, updates, general information and services.

When making a donation, you will be offered the opportunity to be publicly recognised or to remain anonymous. From time to time, we publish names of our donors, perhaps in the Dr Q newsletter or annual report. Your name however will only be published with your prior consent.

We only provide others with information that would identify you if it is necessary to provide you with the service or information that you requested, you have agreed to us providing it to them or it is already publicly available information.

What about use of personal information for direct marketing?

Australian privacy law limits the use of personal information for direct marketing of goods and services. We use your personal information to keep you informed about pertinent updates, latest Foundation news, products, publications and events.

When a person makes a donation to the AMA Queensland Foundation they are provided with the opportunity to decline and/or to indicate the Foundation areas they are interested in receiving further information.

Where we send you direct marketing material, we provide you with a means to advise us that you no longer wish to receive some or all of this material.

If at any time you have a concern about direct marketing material you have received from us or through use by others of our databases, or you wish to change your preferences in relation to receipt of future material, please contact the AMA Queensland Foundation Manager on phone (07) 3872 2204 or email [email protected]

How can AMA Queensland Foundation donors update or amend their information?

To update your details, please contact the AMA Queensland Foundation Manager on phone (07) 3872 2204 or email [email protected]

How do we store and protect the information we hold about you?

We store your information at our premises, in electronic systems under our control and with contracted data storage providers. We take appropriate steps to protect the security of the information we hold about you, including protections against unauthorised access, virus or other electronic intrusions, fire, theft or loss. We require our contracted providers to do the same. Our staff abide by the strict requirements regarding the protection of the privacy of the information we collect and hold.

We or our contracted data storage providers may use servers, systems and cloud computing providers outside of Australia. Our contracts with them require them to protect the privacy of your information when held on these servers and/or using cloud computing. Our contractors are required to comply with the Australian Privacy laws.

You have a right to see what information we hold about you

Under Australian privacy law, you have rights of access to personal information we hold about you. These rights also include correction of any errors in this information. Should you wish to access this information please contact the AMA Queensland Foundation Manager, email [email protected]. Unless the access you request will require special steps or significant resources, there will be no charge for providing you with this access.

Do you send my information overseas?

In addition to the use from time to time of data storage and cloud providers, we may provide data to overseas bodies.

AMA Queensland Foundation also uses SurveyMonkey as a survey tool for member surveys and event evaluations, and SurveyMonkey data is stored securely on servers in the United States. See the SurveyMonkey privacy policy at https://www.surveymonkey.com/mp/policy

Australian Medical Association Limited may also license use of information on our databases to overseas based companies and organisations for direct marketing. All entities to whom we license use of this information are required to comply with Australia Privacy laws and can only use the information for the purpose specified in the licence.

For how long do you keep my personal information?

We generally keep your personal information active for as long as is reasonably required to enable us to meet your needs.

We keep donor records and other personal information on file to enable us to undertake statistical and historical analysis and reporting. As part of our data security, we regularly backup and archive our electronic databases.

We also keep donor records and other personal information on file and may contact former donors from time to time to update them on Foundation activities and/or offer them the opportunity to make a new donation to the AMA Queensland Foundation.  If you do not wish to receive this information, please contact the AMA Queensland Foundation Manager on phone (07) 3872 2204 or email [email protected].

What if I want more information on how we protect your privacy or I have a complaint?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a concern or issue in relation to how we collect, store, use or disclose your personal information. AMA Queensland Foundation will address your complaint within 48 hours.

Please contact the Foundation Manager, via:

Phone – (07) 3872 2222

Fax – (07) 3856 4727

Email[email protected]

Mail – PO Box 123, Red Hill QLD 4059

ABN – 31 093 701 083