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The AMA Queensland Foundation’s mission is to improve medical conditions in areas of need, by raising funds to finance and implement:

  • improved or emergency medical services, especially in rural and remote areas
  • improved medical education
  • vital medical research


The AMA Queensland Foundation approves grants for the following objects:

Vital or Essential Services

  1. To relieve sickness by providing support of various kinds to disadvantaged and needy persons for life-saving medical services and treatment
  2. To provide financial assistance to persons and bodies in disadvantaged remote and rural regions to enable provision of medical services in those regions
  3. To provide funding to disadvantaged students wishing to undertake medical training but unable to do so due to financial hardship
  4. To provide financial assistance to projects and activities approved or promoted by AMAQ designed to enhance provision of existing medical services
  5. To give financial support to persons and bodies providing emergency medical assistance in the case of declared natural disasters within Australia or overseas

Incidental Support Services

  1. To assist in the development and promotion of the Medical Benevolent Fund and a doctors health advisory service
  2. Provide funds for medical research projects approved by AMA Queensland
  3. To provide a coordinated medical advice service to other not-for-profit organisations or to any government or governmental body or authority
  4. To promote and to assist the training of doctors in Queensland through the support of education programs, scholarships, fellowship and other initiatives with financial support and expertise

As a Public Benevolent Institution, our support must be specifically targeted at individuals in need and not broader, general community groups.

Please complete the Expression of Interest for Funding form to apply for an AMA Queensland Foundation grant.