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Thank You Doctor


Thank You Doctor

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Want to demonstrate your gratitude and appreciation for the high level of care and support you have received?

It’s unethical for doctors to receive significant gifts from patients; however there are many worthwhile causes your doctor would love you to support.

The AMA Queensland Foundation Thank You Doctor Program, offers you the opportunity to express your appreciation in a tangible, tax efficient way.

Your gift will aid doctors doing good, directly supporting causes and projects aimed at relieving sickness, suffering and disability among Queenslanders in need. Your ‘thank you’ has the power to transform the lives of those who don’t fit into the neat boxes of other specific-health related charities.

“As doctors we see people in genuine need falling through the cracks in the system. Sometimes, no matter how much we do individually, it is not enough. Collectively, through the Foundation, we can make a meaningful difference. Being a nimble charity, we can direct funds to where they are most needed; often to places overlooked by others.” Dr Steve Hambleton, Foundation President

Also, if you wish, an appreciation letter will be sent to your doctor on your behalf.