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Why support AMA Queensland Foundation?


Why support AMA Queensland Foundation?

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"As doctors we see people in genuine need falling through cracks in the system. Sometimes, no matter how much we do individually, it is not enough. Collectively, through the Foundation, we can make a meaningful difference with much larger sums of money. Being a nimble charity, we can direct funds to where they are most needed; often to places overlooked by others."

- Dr Steve Hambleton, Foundation President

“Quite simply, the AMA Queensland Foundation is about doctors doing good–supporting our many colleagues and fellow AMA Queensland members who are ‘filling in the gaps’, delivering and championing vital services and projects outside of those catered for by the public health system for Queenslanders in need.

It’s so important for the medical community to come together to not only support the work of the Foundation, but to advocate on behalf of those who need the Foundation’s support.”

- Dr Shaun Rudd, 2014-15 AMA Queensland President

"AMA Queensland Foundation is a general health-related charity that catches the needs and causes of those that don't fit into the neat boxes of other specific-health charities, thereby falling through the crack.

Our Foundation specifically looks at areas of need in Queensland whereas many charities are national, and our members can guide our priorities."

- Dr Alex Markwell, 2012-13 AMA Queensland President

"In supporting doctors doing good at a grass roots level, AMA Queensland Foundation is able to respond quickly and practically to issues that come to our attention, ideally alleviating situations from deteriorating while waiting for cumbersome processes to take their course."

- Ms Katharine Philp, Foundation Director

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