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Flood grant helps family


Flood grant helps family

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During the South East Queensland Floods earlier this year, the AMA Queensland Foundation issued more than 20 Flood Assistance Grants to help patients, doctors and medical practices get back up on their feet. 

One Brisbane Mother, Mrs Rebecca Horsham said her entire single level home was inundated by floodwaters leaving her family stranded.

“We tried to salvage some of our belongings but the waters rose so quickly and unexpectedly that we were only able to grab a small bag each,” Rebecca said.

On the night of the flood, Rebecca’s husband canoed their two children, aged 11 and 9, across the raging flood waters to their neighbours two storey house. 

“We have lost three cars, a campervan, an office and home workshop with hundreds of tools, several motor bikes, beds, linen, mattresses, household appliances, hot water system, and other furniture. 

“Things like school albums, photos, mementos of our children growing up including kindy albums and art are irreplaceable,” Rebecca said.

Unfortunately, Rebecca’s insurer said they were only covered for storm damage not flood damage, so they were unable to claim insurance to assist with repairs to the house and purchasing new furniture and appliances.

On top of being unable to claim insurance and losing everything in their home, the experience has been destabilising for her family.

“This experience has pushed my son’s coping skills to the limit and my daughter struggled without her normal comforts and space,” Rebecca said. 

“My husband also worked nonstop to try to restore our home which has been exhausting physically but it’s also tough mentally and emotionally.”

The AMA Queensland Flood Assistance Grant helped Rebecca and her family slowly but surely get back up on their feet. 

“The grant helped us purchase items to get us back into the house like beds, mattresses and a hot water system.

“It really helped us start to put our lives back together, but it’s going to be long road,” Rebecca said.