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Stan and Maureen Duke Trust


Stan and Maureen Duke Trust

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In 2007, Mackay general surgeon and urologist Dr Stan Duke set up the Stan and Maureen Duke Trust as a lasting tribute to his late general physician and paediatrician wife.

He specified that donations made through the Trust to AMA Queensland Foundation would fund equipment and educational toys for the Royal Children's Hospital (RCH).

Dr Stan Duke passed away 2008. The couple's spirit lives on through their Trust.

RCH annually provides a wish list of needs and the Trust, through AMA Queensland Foundation, has provided an array of equipment, totalling more than $139,000, including:

  • Surface electromyography (EMG) with biofeedback — assisting children with brain injuries causing dysphagia to improve their swallowing

  • TiLite high performance wheelchairs — used in the hospital's rehab department to help train children who have lost lower limb function and rely on wheel mobility to gain some independence

  • Glidescope, providing a clear real-time view of airway and tube placement for quick intubation

  • specialised bathing equipment

  • phototherapy machine

  • eye-tracking technology, providing alternate non-verbal communication

  • children's DVDs and video games.

  • Orbit World Travel
  • Pavection
  • Pia Du Pradal
  • Briz Brain and Spine
  • Lexus
  • MDA National
  • Wine Direct