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AMA Queensland Foundation Christmas Appeal


AMA Queensland Foundation Christmas Appeal

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This Christmas the AMA Queensland Foundation is giving the gift of education to support an additional two disadvantaged medical students in 2024.

Your generous donation towards our goal of $30,000 will help foster the future of Queensland medicine and support the lives of medical students as they pursue their dreams of becoming doctors.

Up to three scholarships may be awarded for 2024, with the recipients each receiving a one-off award of $10,000.

Medical students are the future. Please join us this Christmas in funding education and empowering the future of medicine.

The appeal will close on 31 January 2024.

Read about our 2023 scholarship award winners

Julie George

Developing a passion for medicine after witnessing the stark difference in healthcare between Sydney and her home country of Sudan, Julie George’s efforts and dedication to her passion saw her receive the AMA Queensland Foundation Medical Scholarship.

After completing a Bachelor of Science and maintaining a 7.0 grade point average, all while juggling several casual jobs to support herself financially, Julie and her twin sister were both accepted into medical school at James Cook University.

While getting accepted was a moment of pure joy for Julie and her family, as a fourth-year student, studying medicine started to become a real challenge.

After expressing these challenges to a friend, they informed her of the AMA Queensland Foundation, and she applied for the scholarship with no expectations.

The scholarship was a great surprise and has given her the confidence to be able go to placements, support her family, and work towards her goal of working in rural and under-resourced communities.

“Helping an understaffed community is my dream, being able to support people and being part of the change that helps improve access to healthcare for those communities,” she said.

Ryan Luck

During his second year of medical school, Ryan Luck was progressing well until he suffered from a stroke which threatened to derail his medical career.

Despite having to relearn some fine motor skills, including writing and typing, and needing surgery to repair a hole in his heart, determined to pass the semester, he kept up with his studies while in hospital.

Redoing the year of study was not financially an option. After his stroke in September, he completed and passed his deferred exams in December and started placement in Weipa straight after Christmas.

“I’m just so grateful this scholarship exists. It was such a huge stress on my health. I was working two casual jobs and I’ve been able to stop one of those since I got the scholarship, so I can now focus on my study and get healthy. I'm just really, really grateful for it,” Ryan said.

Planning on being a doctor from an early age, Ryan’s dedication to medicine has earnt him this scholarship to continue striving for his dreams.