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Dr Michael Pitt - 2020 graduate


Dr Michael Pitt - 2020 graduate

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Louis Jenkins At the end of 2020, Dr Michael Pitt became the 15th AMA Queensland Foundation scholarship recipient to successfully graduate medical school. Michael is looking forward to his internship at the Rockhampton Hospital in 2021. In 2020, Michael elected to move to Mareeba to undertake a year-long rural placement for his final year in the MBBS. In doing this, his family relocated to Mareeba for school and work. Michael said, “This placement prepared me for my career as a Rural generalist. Rural placements always allow for a more hands-on clinical experience and this is exactly what I received. The experience was rewarding as not only did I gain an incredible amount of learning, but was able to consult and treat patients under supervision. These patients would also ask to see me on their return and were always very grateful for my assistance in helping them. This I found the most rewarding of all, being able to really help people in the community in which I lived.” Michael was very grateful to the AMA Queensland Foundation for their support. “I would like to thank AMA Queensland Foundation for the financial support during my medical degree. Studying medicine with a family is difficult enough, and having financial support to lighten the burden is something my family and I are very grateful for. As a Doctor, I will reciprocate the support to AMA Queensland Foundation as they have supported me for my medical degree.”