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Meet Louis Jenkins, our newest JCU bursary recipient

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Family tragedies, both recent and many years ago, have had a profound impact on second year student (in 2014), Louis' intentions and goals for the future and his medical career. The fact that where someone lives, namely rural or in/near the city, can significantly influence and determine their health outcomes and quality of life is a really important issue for Louis. He hopes to be able to make a difference, no matter how big or small, by focusing on rural medicine and working in remote communities.

Recent placements at St. Vincent's Hospital in Sydney and in the small, rural community of Dysart have allowed Louis to see first-hand the difference in medical care available to those in underserved areas.

Yet to commit to what area of medicine he would like to pursue, Louis is developing a keen interest in specialising in either General Surgery or Emergency Medicine, as both specialities are applicable to a wide variety of clinical situations. "This is especially important in rural and remote areas, as being multi-skilled is an extremely valuable ability to have", he explains.

Like all our bursary recipients, Louis is extremely grateful for AMA Queensland Foundation's financial support. With his step-father recently suffering a debilitating stroke, Louis' mother is now a full-time carer while supporting his 3 younger siblings, significantly reducing the family's income. "For me, casual work and government assistance can only get me so far, considering I live on my own, away from my family, with no other forms of income", he says. "This scholarship means the world to me as it will allow me to purchase medical supplies and textbooks, while allowing me to keep on top of all the other costs associated with independent living. But most importantly for me, it means I am not burdening my family in Sydney with these costs".

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